Updated Pit Display Team Tracker

Added a few more features, and fixed a bunch of bugs from my last deployment of this program.
Notable features of the program are
*Update notifier
*Automatic updates
*Data loaded from USFirst.org so it is 100% live and accurate
*Searchable teams by number
*And many many more

Download here

Please PM me with any suggestions or any bugs you find
Or you can email at [email protected].

Wow, this is really great! Thanks so much.

Great job!

You can download this program from our website.


This is awesome!! Where do you have it updated from online?

It updates by loading the actual match results on US first.org eg. Example
It loads those as standard HTTP web requests and then parses out the data in the html of the page.
It loads the rankings and the match results, and the rest of the data is interpreted.
If you’d like a copy of the source code, just let me know and ill be glad to give you a copy. Code is written in C#.

Hey, this is pretty nice! If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to see your source. I;'m writing a scouting web app in C#, using ASP.NET. I’m interested to see what you did. Good job, btw!