updated scoreboard of dallas regional

Yeah, the ratings are rough :frowning:

No data from Week 1…


Event Results and API Data
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Saturday, February 28, 2015 - 13:29

Today’s brief blog is from the FRC software team:

We are aware of tournament data not publishing consistently for all events. The root cause has not been determined, and at this point, we don’t expect resolution for week 1 events. Because of this, developers relying on this data for their own applications will not be able to relay the data on our behalf. This issue only inhibits the data being reported out by events, and the results and rankings reported at events are unaffected. Please accept our apologies for any frustrations.

*"developers relying on this data for their own applications will not be able to relay the data on our behalf"

Will the Week1 data remain unavailable even after the datalink problem has eventually been fixed?

"This issue only inhibits the data being reported out by events, and the results and rankings reported at events are unaffected"

But has the data been stored locally, and will it be made available retroactively? Or has the data been permanently lost (like Twitter data in 2014)?

RoboVisionOD.com has match data for South Florida. I believe we’re the only regional to do so.

This is very pathetic that Team 254 mentors can develop a superior field management system in several months outside of their regular jobs while FIRST, which is being paid, fails to have a working system for two years in a row.

The robots are held to a much higher standard than the field software.

The data is stored locally on the FMS.

However, I don’t know if there are plans to make that data available to the API.

May I ask what is your source for that info?

And is that something new for 2015, or was it also being done in previous years?


I’ve been a Scorekeeper in previous years (so this feature may or may not exist this year, but I’d be pretty surprised if it weren’t) and FMS would store results locally after every match. It would back up locally and to a flash drive, if one was plugged in. A full backup database would be triggered every 5 matches, or manually by the scorekeeper.

Additionally, at the end of the event, the Scorekepper would export a good amount of data (including match results) to excel format and give it to the FTA. I don’t remember if that was standard procedure, or just good practice from the FTAs I’ve worked with.

I think it’s a pretty safe bet the data exists somewhere, but it’s a much bigger question if somebody will go through and take all that data off the field manually.

Also, I’ve created a Google Spreadsheet to crowdsource match results from this week, in case we don’t get week 1 data officially.

If you have any data, please enter it here:

This is still standard practice. Also standard practice is FIRST using a file transfer system, completely outside FMS, to pull the database from the field to HQ after the event.

Then what does HQ do with that data?

That I don’t know. I believe they use that data for stastical purposes (highest scores, average scores, cycle times, etc), and for reviewing match logs if there are any issues that they need to investigate (such as the issues with the field network being compromised at champs a few years back) or problems that are popping up at multiple regionals (say for example if there is a bug in the FMS software causing matches to misbehave).

Again, this is just my speculation as to what they do with the data they pull after events.

http://frc-events.usfirst.org/ has data for qualification matches, elimination matches, and rankings for some regionals and district events that TBA doesn’t. From what I can tell the three come together (if an event has one, it has all three) but I didn’t test every single one. Elims have results but the teams in alliances past QFs aren’t included.

Those that have data:

Those I can’t find data for:

  • Inland Empire
  • Georgia Southern
  • NE Granite State (schedule but no data)
  • NE Waterbury (schedule but no data)
  • PNW Oregon City

This has been the best source for match data (and the only one that comes directly from FIRST) that I’ve found so far.

TBA implements the broken API and turned off its queries this weekend to try and ease the load on FIRST’s server and to avoid wasting CPU time/bandwidth when the API would clearly not give back any data. We’ll work on getting the data that is available up soon, either manually or by updating the html parsers for this year’s format.

Edit: or by reactivating the API, which appears to be working again…

All the data that is available through frc-events.usfirst.org is in TBA now.
TBA also has playoff alliances past the quarterfinals.

Does this mean that somewhere at HQ is a copy of the complete Twitter data from 2014, including all the data that was missing because of datalink problems at events?

No recorded Twitter feed. It would be final match results as you’d normally find on the FIRST website.

So no auton/teleop/assist/truss/etc. breakdowns?

That’s exactly why I was asking: auton/teleop/assist/truss alliance scores per match, not a total sum of alliance score categories per team.

Based on my limited understanding of the system I believe the twitter data was generated on-the-fly, so it’s unlikely that the it exists separately anywhere.
However you’re really looking for a breakdown of the match score. Twitter was one of the two public sources providing score component level data, the other being audience result screens (which are somewhat less convenient to parse!).

I do know that component scores are part of the event database but not if this level of detail is maintained after the season.
You would have to ask FRC HQ if that data is still available, but obviously that’s going to be a low priority compared to their critical work on this season.