Updated Scouting App for Android!

Hello ChiefDelphi,

I have just uploaded a new update for OPR FIRST 2013 2.0 Beta. I have been working on this for a while and some of you may have used OPR FIRST this season. I took the feedback I recieved and have been updating it to make it way better! Although I have run out of time before IRI and not all of the items have been updated and there still are some bugs in it, but it works for now!

Please check out the beta version here (it may take a few hours to arrive in the google play store):
Google Play Store

Also, follow the app on Google Plus here:
Google Plus

You can find what is new in the latest post on Google Plus. But the main thing that is new is an updated user interface, and additional live stats for Auton, Teleop, and Climb OPRs on top of the OPR calculations. In addition, predicting a match will output results for how much a team will score in the corresponding area. Also, rank information is separate and easier to read than before.

Let me know what you think!