Updated value in dashboard not getting to cRIO

I have found that if the dashboard updates a control using a local variable that the data is not sent to the cRIO and when the data is updated in the control by typing a new value in it does get updated. How do we programmatically update a control value and have it sent to the cRIO?

How are you attempting to update a Control, which is output only, with an input from a local variable?
Perhaps a picture?

Here is a picture, I am using the configuration file to load a value and place in the control using a local variable. I see the value get updated in the control but the new value does not seem to trigger a value change event to notify the network table to send a new value. I will try to use a property node to see if that works.
What I have is the ability to upload a set of parameters based on the driver hitting F2 or F3 to select long or short shooting. This updates a set of values that then I wanted to send to the cRIO in place of sending multiple sets and having the cRIO decide which set to use.

If I can not programmatically send data to the cRIO, then I will have to resort back to sending all the sets of data to the cRIO and then use buttons or something to tell the cRIO which set to use. Seems like this should be easily handled in the dashboard, but have not found any examples of programmatically sending a variable to the cRIO.



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Here’s an attached image passing array & cluster data from the Dashboard to the cRIO.

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Looks like using property value (signaling) works. It signals a value changed event after setting the value.

Thanks for your help.

The binding was primarily intended for indicators coming from the robot and for interactive panel values. It was not really intended as a replacement for variable writes.

You are correct that value signaling will work. So will writing the value and writing the variable. If you have many variables, it may be useful to place them into an array or a cluster and flatten the cluster as Mark showed.

Greg McKaskle