Updateing Jaguar with serial


I’m trying to update the jaguars, sometimes the program connects and sometimes it does not. We have it connected as shown in the manual. Also the buttons “Run” and “Stop” as shown in the manual are not available in our program. Is there a setting im missing or wiring.


Hi Sean,

That sounds a little like a connection problem. How many Jags do you have connected at once? You need to have a termination resistor at BOTH ends of the CAN bus. If you’re using the RS232 method, there should be a termination resistor inside the DB9 converter shell between the green and red wires (as in the manual). There should also be a CAN terminator in the “right” port of the last Jag in the bus. Also, TI suggests only connecting at MAX 2 jags at a time during programming.

When everything is connected correctly, should should just be able to click on “connect” from a pull-down menu at the top of the program window. This is all assuming you are using RS232 and the BD-COM program. I would start by loading the new firmware on the black Jag and then connecting a gray Jag and loading the new firmware for it afterwards (it has a different firmware load).

I hope this helps. Good luck.

  • Bryce


Thanks for the great advice, we had the both terminators. As recommended we had two jags in the network. Though our problem lays in the RJ-12 cable,
it turns out that we had bought a standard RJ-12 cable assuming that is was straight through when it was really reversed. So we just switched around the pins in our serial connector (White to Blue, Blue to White and Yellow to Black) after that everything works fine and were now running five jaguars in our CAN.


Good job! The hardest part of development is always that Hello World!