Updates From Limelight 2+ to 3

Hi, I didn’t understed what big the differences with Limelight 2+ to 3?
Can someone summaraize me this?

LL3 is smaller and faster. H.264 streaming is the only feature exclusive to LL3.

It uses a Pi4 instead of a Pi3. We don’t know other details yet, like exactly how much of a performance boost that equates to, but figure 2x as fast as a Pi3 LL running AprilTag detection. Retro tape detection should be pretty much the same (90fps). It’s not going to be crazy fast compared to a custom solution.

You can try the new firmware on a LL2 if you have one lying around.

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Brandon gave us some hints at the performance.

Those are just fps numbers for object detection with the Coral with no indication of the resolution, so they’re basically meaningless. Is that 60fps at 160x120, or 640x480? Is there downsampling involved?

No mention of AprilTags speeds but at least on a LL2+ LL firmware is significantly slower than Photonvision on the same hardware.


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