updates on regionals

Every year there’s someone from some of the regionals posting threads telling the rest of us what’s going on at the regional, and I am wondering if anyone will be interested in doing that.

Its nothing complicated or anything, just someone starting a thread about the regional they are at, and keeping people informed about what’s going on, how good are the robots, and who won what award, etc.

Anyone interested?

I am willing to do it for Silicon Valley Regional!

I would be willing to do this for Sacramento. Not sure If ill have internet access though, depends how much the hotel wants to charge me.

/me scrounges up free AOL disc

too bad i use broadband and not dialup.


1028 has st. louis covered :slight_smile:

hotel has broadband…score :wink: ]


I’ll probably keep you informed on the VCU regional

There will be full info on every robot there, with a picture at


drat u ubergeeks stole st louis from us

jk i dont think ill eve nhave time/desire to d oit

whoa… easy on the spacebar :wink: