Updating and reading values from Smartdashboard.

Hi all,

I am using smartdashboard for image analysis - there is no connection with a robot whatsoever.
The method processImage contains what I need for the calculation:

    public WPIImage processImage(WPIColorImage rawImage) {

1- If I have this line of code:

Robot.getTable().putString("MSG", "message 1");

I can see the message displayed on the dashboard. But if further on in the code I have the same line with “message 2”, I do not see it displayed, MSG still says “message 1”.

2- I have also tried to to read values that I have set with Preferences/Keys/Values by using:

int threshold = Robot.getPreferences().getInt("Threshold");

But the SmartDashboard does not display anything (it might be stuck at the line above) when I have this line of code.

3- I thought that SmartDashboard keeps calling the method processImage. Should not I see the displayed values updated depending on the image (like number of polygons found, distance to target…etc.) ? Only the image and whatever I draw on the image changes.

Anybody knows what am I doing wrong (on top of volunteering :slight_smile: )? Thanks.

This is actually a bit of an obscure problem.

The SmartDashboard does not update the values that it displays when the change in the data comes from the computer. Even stranger, the robot can read the newest values, it’s just that there is no change in the text box.

Thanks for the reply. Do you mean I should forget it ?