Updating Official Team Info

Hello everyone!
Our regional is in 3 days and it seems that some of our team’s info (on FIRST & Blue Alliance) isn’t updated:
Is there a way we can update it now?

thanks ahead :]

Your Lead contact should be able to do that VIA the TIMS at USFIRST.ORG.

i’m just not sure ti will be used, as most of the info has already been taken into account.

It’s okay, it’s just for the protocol, you know…
Who is our “Lead contact” and what is he, again?

That’s the person that gets all the official emails from US FIRST, not from FIRST Israel (As in Gal and Alisha).

Can I be an alternate contact? What do i need to do to do so?

you will need the main contact to write you down as one.

tnx :]

According to the manual, Students can not use TIMS, thus, you can not be a alternate contact. See sections 2.3 and 2.4


sometimes with TBA, you might have to email them updated info. I had to do that once with our team, where FIRST had all of our updated info, but the blue alliance hadn’t updated our information that was like 1-2yrs old.