Updating the ftc_app

Since the next season is coming up, I looked on First’s GitHub page and the readme says the latest version is 3.7, but the readme on the file I have downloaded from last year says 3.5. Is there a way to merge an update with existing code and is it worth it?

There will be a new version of the SDK launching soon. I would wait for the next release as you will want the new features for this upcoming season.

Okay, but how do I update my existing code to the SDK?

During the season, the SDK updated several times. We didn’t have any problem with having to rebuild our code. If there were any bugs, my programmers didn’t complain to me about them. IMO - the risk of updating to v3.7 affecting your code is very small.

But as the previous poster noted, there is a new SDK coming out for Rover Ruckus.

Good luck.

I actually oversee all of the software mentoring for 9 FTC teams in my HS, so I already took care of this for the summer. I’ve upgraded Gradle and changed a bunch of config settings to allow old TeamCode directories to run on the latest versions of the app. I’m at work right now, but I’ll link you to it later today if you would like that.