Updating the Logging of LabVIEW Command and Control

Here are the suggestions I have for the logging in Command and Control:

  1. Clean up the default look of the controller abstracting the logging into a single subVI. See suggested / current logging.
  2. Automatically log the data in the current command. Allow the user to go in and manually configure the logging to something different if they want to but my guess is that this would be rare.
  3. Logging to a file. I am not sure of the performance impact here but I suspect this would be possible.
  4. Assuming 3 is feasible being able to recall and display the logged information. With the ability to graph the data values.
  5. Improve documentation on all of this. A page on screensteps about how to use it and what features it has would go a long way in addition to a little more in code documentation.

Thoughts? Other things you would add?

I am willing to help with this I just want to make sure this is:
a) not already being worked on
b) something people other than me actually want

Suggested Logging.png
Current logging.png

Suggested Logging.png
Current logging.png