Updating the paperwork?

We got our paperwork in on time, but we want to update it. Our music is being produced specifically for the animation, but a different artist did it than we specified on the paperwork. I guess since we don’t need a signature or anything for it because it was made for the animation, it would not be entirely necessary to update the paperwork, but I’d be nice to give him official credit for it. I don’t want the judges to look at the paperwork and see that it was uploaded late, so I’m afraid to update it. However, I would like it to be able to match the credits list.

Does anyone know if there is an official procedure for updating the paperwork, or if it is necessary or advisable in this case? Please let me know.

If I was in your situation, I would just give the music guy credit in the unofficial / team promo version of the anim, and forget about changing the paperwork. Stuff like that tends to be a big hassle.

um…we didn’t read the rules very carefully before doing the paperwork, and forgot that we can call ourselves a rookie team for the sake of the animation, and we forgot to put inventor 8 in our software list. would it be okay to update/change things in the paperwork?

Try emailing the Autodesk animation contact - if you cannot find the email, PM me and I’ll try to dig it out of my archives.