Upgrade question

I have a computer currently running Windows ME. It’s ok, and I would be content if it didn’t change. However, I like some of the features found in NT based versions, so I have asked myself a question: Should I upgrade to XP or 2000? Or just keep it at ME.

Some things:

  • XP has too much of an attitude, specifically “I know better than you, so you don’t get to mess with me.”
  • ME is open and gives me the control I want.
  • Don’t say XP because the luna interface is cool. I can garentee
    that that will be the first thing to go.

So what do you think?

#4 will be ignored]

I don’t have much experience with Windows 2000, but I’ve got 2 machines running XP and they run pretty well, for Windows. As for ME, I had it for about 2 days and reinstalled 98, just way too many problems with it crashing. Oh, and as for the style of XP, I use WindowBlinds and have a mac skin on it. :smiley:

Windows ME is horribly unstable. I had it originally on my computer, the it slowed performance down big time. I upgraded to XP, and haven’t regretted it one bit. Computer runs just fine now. :]

My opinion of ME:

I have ran it for about 3 or 4 years now. It is as open as 98 (and inherits some drawbacks), but has fixed a lot of bugs (such as the program crashing when you try to go up in My docs in a standard open/save file dialog) and added features/upgrades (USB keys, aka jump drives). I would not reinstall 98 for anything. I realize that many people are not happy with it, my expieriance with it has been an enjoyable one.

Granted, it isn’t rock solid (I have yet to use a computer that is), but it crashes rarely enough that I don’t pitch it out a window (difficult in a tri-level house).

And macs are out of the question more than Linux is.

If you have the choice, go with 2000, no doubt.

XP is a pretty version of 2000 with an attitude.

When it comes to Windows, 2000 is by far the most stable and free of junk you don’t need or want.

-Andy A.

I always say “now if you want to discuss the worst OS, that’s a different story”. I love telling everyone how bad Windows ME is. Well, here’s my chance. I HATE MICROSOFT WINDOWS ME! If anyone is using it, I strongly recommend upgrading. It freezes, crashes, and doesn’t work. Hey ME users…you are supposed to be able to have more than one program running at a time. I always thought that I didn’t have enough memory. My friend laughed when I said that I have 256 MB of RAM. I FINALLY upgraded to Windows XP two days ago and it was the best decision I have ever made. It runs at least twice as fast and I did an upgrade so I still have the same viruses, spyware, temp internet files, and anything else that might slow it down. My internet is faster, saving and loading files is faster, I can have more programs running and without it slowing down, and ya, it looks cool. I also have Linux on here and that is much better than any version of Windows, but I would rate Windows XP at least twice as high as Windows ME on any scale.

I never really used Windows 2000 so I can’t say much about that, but definitely upgrade to something else. I made the mistake of keeping it for six years. Ok, that was a lie since it hasn’t been out six years but I had it since Feb. 2001. I am so glad I upgraded and I wish I had done it much earlier.

Good luck with your decision.

I’ve never owned a computer with ME although I’ve used ones that had it installed. Overall I wasn’t impressed. I have three desktops and two laptops. Two of the desktops have 98SE installed and the last one (the one I’m on now) has 2000 Pro on it. One laptop has 2000 Pro also and the other laptop has XP Home on it. So far I’ve had the most luck with the two with 2000 Pro on them. 2000 is NT based so it’s more stable than previous versions of Windows. The main problem I have with the XP computer is trying to get some older programs to run. I’m tired of seeing the “this software is not digitally signed” error when trying to run these programs. I have ignored that error and installed them anyway and some have run with no issues while others were a lost cause.
Personally I like 2000 over other versions of Windows. Both computers with 2000 have never balked at software installations to date and I have yet to have them crash. On the 98SE machines I’ve seen the “blue screen of death” quite a few times and the XP Home one has given me the “this program has encountered an error and have to close” and “would you like to send an error log to Microsoft” on several ocasions.

And in case you’re wondering, on the XP laptop I changed XP to “classic windows” shortly after I got it. I started going nuts after using the other computers and then going to XP with it’s menus all different and by habit from the other machines clicking the wrong menus looking for stuff I was accustomed to in a certain layout.

I had an old computer with '98 on it, and it kept crashing all the time, so my dad got ME, thinking it would be more stable. However, we found even more problems with ME, it was pretty early when ME came out, so there weren’t many patches yet. But use what works for you.

Ditch WinME, and do the world a favour.

2000 SP4 really is rock-solid. Server 2003 more so, but that’s a little too expensive, without some special licence agreement. (And 2003 isn’t easy to set up.)

XP SP1 isn’t bad either, but it has higher system requirements, and does have more crashing issues than 2000, despite being of remarkably similar architecture.

Just be rid of ME, unless you need real-DOS support. (Which is unlikely, given compatibility mode, and the fake-DOS shell.) And even then, use a DOS 6.22 boot floppy instead, and save yourself the hassle.

Which reminds me! Keep a Windows 98 or ME boot floppy on hand at all times. You’d be surprised how many things still require DOS rather than Recovery Console access. Motherboard and hardware ROM flashing especially.

I’ve never heard it put better.

You forgot the most reasonable option of all:

Get a Mac!!!


I don’t think I have ever used Mac. It sounds though like Mac is just like Windows were each version has its own set of problems but I don’t know. After several days, XP is still my number one choice. (not having much experience with 2000)

I voted for Linux… :wink:

But, I say you should go to XP. It is controllative, but there are ways to get around it… :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah. The “XP” style on everything was gone on the second day on my machine too.

XP is a lot more stable than ME. I had ME and was getting 2 or 3 crashes a day, and upgraded to XP and I still haven’t gotten a crash. I don’t know a lot about 2000, but from what I’ve heard, the general concensus is that it is better than ME, as is…anything.