Upgrading VSCode to 1.66+?

I’m creating a new WPILib and VSCode install, and discovered that github.com authorization now requires VSCode 1.66+. Without version 1.66+ github.com blocks the github extensions from being able to authenticate/log in. This may have something to do with recent hacks on OATH at github.com.

Can I safely upgrade VSCode and not break the WPILib install? I know in the past for the WPILib extensions to work you had to use the version of VSCode installed by the WPILib installer.

Is there a plan to update the WPILib installer?

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Are you using the WPILib 2022 VSCode icon to open it or something else?

Forgot to mention this is on a Mac. Yes, running the VSCode installed by the WPILib installer is version 1.63 and github.com blocks any new attempts to authorized the github VSCode extensions.

I just ran the experiment now. Started with a new install of WPILib including VSCode. Then downloaded the latest VSCode version 1.66. I was able to fire up VSCode authenticate to github, clone our robot code repo, build it, and even run it under simulation. I think everything is working.

I guess I just answered my own question.

Theoretically, yes updating VS Code should be fine. We only lock the version because things could potentially break building code. It’s always possible to use Git over the command line.

We can potentially look into shipping an updated WPILib installer, but a workaround for anyone currently running into this issue is usually to use the command line.


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