Upload file to roboRIO fail

I’m trying to upload a file “FRC_roboRIO_2021_v3.0” to roboRIO, It always fails in the middle.

Part of the file does uploaded

Can I change the roboRIO security setting to fix this issue?


I guess my first question would be: why do you want to upload an image ZIP file to the roboRIO?

If you are trying to image your device, I recommend using the roboRIO Imaging Tool and following the steps in Imaging your roboRIO — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

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The Imaging tool keeps failing, That’s why we want to upload the image file by WinSCP, then reformat it using the command line.

This is the imaging tool’s error message:

If you are failing to Image your RoboRIO using the standard tool set AND is already using the USB port (and properly powering the RoboRIO), then you have a bigger problem in your hand and most likely have a bad RoboRIO. If this is new, you should try to contact whoever you bought it from (I’m assuming AM). If it’s old, you can try to reach out or your local program delivery partner (or FIRST HQ directly) or try NI directly.

Good luck.

I got the reply from the NI forum, But I can’t find any old version game tools (version 2014 doesn’t work).


FYI, NI generally supports FIRST better than any tech support company I’ve ever seen. There’s a 1800 number to call I believe that will get you instant help.

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Yes, NI Support is very nice. They always answer the questions quickly in the NI forum.

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