Uploading Code

I’m with Team 2815 and we’ve been having trouble deploying our code to the robot. When we deploy the code to the robot we get communication but no robot code. Can anyone help us out?

A) Reboot the Robot (worked for us)
B) Reflash the cRIO to v27
C) ???

The same EXACT thing happened to me the other day and I racked my brain for 5 hours trying to figure it out. As it turns out, all you need to do is re-image the cRio to this year’s image. :stuck_out_tongue:

We have reimaged the crio several times and got all the updates and we still got no code. We decided to use virtual box to try to deploy the code, but now we can’t see the crio under network connections. Please could you tell us step by step exactly what you did?

There are many possibilities why your code doesn’t deploy. To really find out what’s wrong. You need to hook up the debug console through RS232 cable or use the netconsole app. But once you have a debug console, you will see the spew from the cRio while it boots. This will tell you exactly what failed. In our case last year, it was saying our code exceeds the call distance so we need to add a “-mlongcall” to our linker option.