Uploading images gets stuck at 100%

When uploading an image for a post, it will get stuck at 100% and not upload. I even attempted to add an image here, but was unable to.


I have also seen this behavior.

I’d expect there to be some rocky services as the new site gets settled. Some load balancing might be needed, and it’ll take some time before everything gets stable and fast again.

I’m having the same issue when attempting to upload a new avatar as well.


Same, except it’s getting stuck at 0% :thinking:

Working on this and overall performance, right now.


You’re awesome. Migrating something as large and old as CD must have (and still is!) been a hell of a challenge. It’s much appreciated!


Mine stuck too so I figgured it was one of them post count > than x functions so I moved on. But I see my Avatar did post.

After an apparent reboot (I could not get any info for a couple of minutes), I was able to upload an avatar.

We’ll see how it handles once more traffic comes back, but I was able to update my avatar and upload this image without any issues:

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Seems good now, Gravatar is working now too. Good work!


Uploading both an avatar picture and a user profile background picture has worked flawlessly now. Thanks Brandon!