Uploading Java failed - mDNS

We tried to connect as in previous years with a static 10.TE.AM.61 ip address on the laptop and ethernet cable hooked directly to roboRIO. Uploading code through Eclipse would fail. We found out:

  1. roboRio had a address only, no 10.TE.AM.# address. Pinging roboRIO-TEAM.local would NOT return ipv4 appropriate ip of 10.TE.AM.#
  2. Discovered that the new networking is all DHCP which is being done by the wireless bridge.
  3. There is a wireless bridge utility in the labview folder on the laptop after installing the 2015 NI update.
  4. Once you hook up laptop to bridge you will get an appropriate 10.TE.AM.# ip address that is DHCP assigned.
  5. Once the roboRIO is hooked up to bridge it gets an appropriate 10.TE.AM.# as well.
  6. The mDNS will ping back an appropriate ipv4 ip address of 10.TE.AM.# for roboRIO-TEAM.local.
  7. Code will upload through Eclipse.

Just an FYI for any Java teams starting to program late in the build season. I hope this saves you some time troubleshooting.

Based on your experiences, do you have suggestions for this page? http://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/s/4485/m/13503/l/242608-roborio-networking

That page is where I finally figured out the networking schema. In my experience it would help to explain that there will be no static ip addressing as in the past and it is important to first get the DHCP server set up and all interfaces on the laptop set back to Obtain a DHCP Address before doing anything else. That was a huge change that was hidden until you discover it on this page.

I appreciate all the volunteers that provide us with all this documentation and don’t want to come across wrongly but I would have started with this huge difference and over emphasized the importance of setting that network up before anything else. That is the only reason I added the post in case their are teams trying to program in week 5 or 6 and not catching the subtleties on this page about the changes in the ip networking this year. This page seems to just be about mDNS at first glance till you notice the last 1/5 of the page at the bottom. Also, the mDNS section could mention that if it is failing (not coming back with an ip4 address of 10.TE.AM.21 when pinging or not uploading java code) then make sure both the laptop and the roboRio are connected to the wireless bridge and that the config utility for the bridge was run so that the DHCP server was set up as well as checking the laptop interfaces to see that they are set to DHCP.

I hope this helps.