uploading source onto cRIO?!

im not new to programming, but im new to robotics programming… so in my guess its a matter of learning the technique, not the syntax and structure…
this year i know there will be major changes, aka the cRIO controller, what leaves me in the shadow is that, say i use any IDE i want, or the supplied IDE, how will i upload the compiled code to the cRIO, i know for the previous controllers a IFI_Loader application tool was used to transmit the data over serial port, but what about this year?!
i guess the CDs that FIRST ships will have both graphic adn text based programming options, hopefully…
but we’re left speculating, atleast thats my impression so far

yea yea yea i know there is labview, but this is not programming, this is, i cant even name it, turning a FRC into a lego mindstorm kit, no thnx… and since im the only programmer ill take the advatage of a text-based programming…

thank you

From what I understand, downloading to the robot currently involves FTPing your compiled code to it. That may change to add some security, but it shouldn’t change too much.

and they’ll ship libraries and such with the CDs that come with the controller for textual C++ programming, atleast thats what FIRST has done in the past, right?!

The beta teams have the controllers and are working with both environments. They are anxious to answer all of the questions you have so I’d suggest starting here:


You will get both programming environments. They both have full download utilities to get your code onto the robot and it doesn’t require FTP unless you want to do it that way. The IDEs themselves have a “run” button inside them that will compile your code, automatically download it over wireless, and start it going.

There are two ways to download into the cRio. Both of them seem to require you to plug your computer into the operator’s console Using an ethiernet connector. When you are debugging, there are some setup options in Workbench that tells workbench where your cRio is on the network. You will be assigned an IP address for your controller. example: for team 138. Once this is set up, the downloading is done from Workbench with a single button push.
That down loads your program into RAM. YOUR PROGRAM WILL BE LOST IF YOU POWER DOWN THE CRIO.

The second method is for competition. The cRio has a 150 Meg flash drive built in. There is a magic filename that is automatically booted when the cRio powers up. There is a menu item that “Deploys” your program. What that does is basically ftp your program to that magic file. If you don’t do this, your robot will just sit there when you power up.

I don’t know if the debugger works with a “deployed” program. If it does, than teams should just always deploy. If it doesn’t allow debugging with a deployed program, than teams will have to develop some discipline like checking that the robots boots before going out to the playing field.

I am uploading the program through netbeans and it is saying there is any error build.xml:96 and at upgrade.xml:40 what should i do?