Uploding robot code

I’m having a problem uploading a code. I created a new java project and when I upload it the roborio stays with the old code of the old project.

Can you post the full console output? There are lots of things that could cause a failure to upload, and that output will be needed to narrow down the problem.

The thing is that it even give me a success.

Ok. Starting with a blank project is a good debug step to ensure your content isn’t impacting results. Keep going:

Is there any chance it’s uploading to a different roboRIO? If you disable WiFi on your development computer and connect to the roboRIO only over USB, does the upload work?

What is the process you use for deploying the code? Do you use ctrl-shift-P and then select Wpilib: deploy, or are you calling gradlew on a command line?

Any and All info you can provide about your setup, what you have or have not tried, or what changed when it stopped working would be useful :slight_smile:

There is only one radio up right now. I uploaf clicking on deploy robot code after clicking the wpi logo. Let me check over usb.