UPS Lost our 3d printers - any advice?

Alrighty, asking for anyone who has contacts with UPS or experience working with them…

We recently bought two new 3d printers for the team, and shipped them via UPS.

At some point earlier this week, UPS changed the shipping address from Chillicothe, IL to Kankakee, IL (~2.5 hours away).

One has been delivered to an unknown address, one has been held at the Kankakee facility… at least I’m told.

I am really struggling to get through their automated system to a real human to discuss the situation. It’s still beyond me why they would have changed the shipping address without contacting myself or the sender, why they can’t tell me where the one unit was actually delivered, or why they can’t forward the unit they’re holding to a facility closer to where I live.

Sorry for the half vent… I’m just fed up with UPS’s abysmal customer service at this point. Looking for any inside info on how to get around that stupid computer on the phone to a human who can actually look through their records and help me understand what happened.


Have you contacted the person who shipped them? They may be able to tell you why the addresses were changed.

Other than that, yea all I got is stick it out on the phone :frowning:

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Yup. Bambu was nice and fast getting back to us… the answer was “Please contact UPS”.

UPS recommended I contact Bambu.

This, as expected, did not lower my blood pressure.


So, first off congrats on hearing back from BL, their support is super overwhelmed. /

Second - I assume they are a few days late in arriving, it’s possible UPS is trying to route them to you and something weird is happening. I’ve had that happen a few times with things. That’s a wait and see.

Calling UPS and patiently waiting to see which happens first - they help you or your blood pressure puts you in the hospital. So I guess my advice is deep breathing exercises and recognizing that the people on the other end are likely overworked and it is not their fault. Empathy goes a long way. I’ve had a lot of customer support people who seemed genuinely shocked at the words “please” and “thank you” (This is just good advice for life, kindness doesn’t cost you)


Everybody makes mistakes but UPS seriously sucks when they do.
All you can do is keep trying.
Keep on Bambu even though there’s not much they can do either right now.
If you paid with a credit card you can dispute the charges if you don’t get any satisfaction.


One other thing is you can complain about it on Twitter use @UPS, they really hate that and it can achieve surprising results.


Thanks. Yes for sure. Twitter was on my list of things to try :slight_smile:

I forgot about the payment dispute, that’s a good point. I’ll keep that one as the nuclear option if other lines of communication break down.

And very much agreed on the customer service aspect. I keep having to remind myself that it’s not actually the fault of the individual on the phone, and I’m working with them to solve the problem together. The most success I had today was when the guy on the phone realized the requested addresses and the actual house the delivery guy was headed to weren’t even close, and managed to get the delivery stopped before it happened. If only I’d had the same success the first time I called em…

Thank you much for the commiseration and advice :smiley:


With FedEx, I’ve had luck going directly to an official depot and asking someone to help me track down a package. You may be able to do the same with your local UPS station.


Way in left field and not even sure if this is possible: Could your UPS account be hacked and deliveries are being redirected?

I had made this assumption once as did the carrier but it turns out they were actually tracking the container the box was supposed to be in but not the actual box. The (container) routing was all over the place but my box was still in the warehouse as it likely had fallen in a crack (literally - between conveyors). Finally the box was found and shipped to me but not until all the other things happened - stop payment with refund, reorder, new product arrived, then I had to return one of them.

I’ve reported lost packages to UPS to have them turn up over a month later. They don’t let you file claims until a certain amount of time has passed from the expected delivery date, but once you file it, you’ll be in the pipeline. Eventually you’ll start to get updates whether or not they find it.

If you can’t file a claim, it’s probably because the shipper doesn’t allow it, in which case take that error message back to Bambu and ask them to file a claim on your behalf. Hopefully that gets them moving.


This would be my recommendation as well. Try going to a local UPS store or if possible, a local delivery hub, and check with them for assistance.


UPS will generally only deal with the originator of the shipping. That is the UPS’s customer. Bambu needs to sort it out with UPS.

The local UPS store might look it up in their system. They can see a little more than you can. I doubt they will do more than that.


If this is a real thing, that’s hilariously stupid.

UPS is much better than FedEx in that if you can go to a distribution center where it was supposed to be you can and talk to real humans who will be more helpful and deal with hot heads (like me when they lost a $16k+ server…) everyday. They can normally divert packages so you can pick them up at distribution center.