Upstate New York 2020 Regional-pocalypse

While, yes, the offseason events are barely ramping up, we’re already looking into 2020 for planning purposes. Unfortunately the Upstate NY Regional system is looking a bit scary.

It’s well-known that both RPI and RIT host their respective regionals only during their respective spring breaks. RPI was the first to release their academic calendar and show spring break the week of March 9th. Since then RIT has posted their academic calendar, and lo and behold, it’s the week of March 9th.

This isn’t terribly surprising to most up here, as more often than not the schools seem to have their spring breaks coincide. (It’s more rare that they don’t.) It’s not a major problem, as there’s always the SUNY Poly Utica (Central NY) regional… And their spring break is also the week of March 9th.


(For those interested Rockland, home of the Hudson Valley Regional, has spring break the week of March 23rd.)

Given geographic team distribution across the area, if all three upstate schools hold regionals on their break weeks, attendance wise, this could make CNY very unpopular and HVR very popular for 2nd plays.

Hopefully it’s early enough that one or more schools would consider a different week for their event… or better still, there’s time to coordinate among them.


Given the parking situation at RIT and the scale of the event, I don’t see any possible way they could switch to a different week.

One possible alternative is to pull from the SBPLI model and do one event Mon-Wed, and the others normal Thu-Sat. May not help with teams wanting to do back-to-back events unless it was Sun-Tue instead (to account for team travel)

NY Pulled a mountain west.

Hopefully it works out better this time.


Hey people on New York Regional Planning committees - NY should think about:

  1. Convincing the host school to allow the event the first weekend of their respective breaks
  2. For events that are less than 40 teams anyway, host the event at a high school instead
  3. and this kind of goes with 2 - Districts

It’s crazy and terrible for teams that all of upstate NY has three regionals for ~70 upstate teams and yet it’s nearly impossible every year to get two plays that aren’t back to back weekends.


Well I know this year Having cny on the second week was so much easier.
Not having to worry about working around students/sports/events.

The second half of spring break had our sports all away in either Virginia, Florida or South Carolina.
With the field house empty it isn’t working around others.

Last year it was kind of hard to work around classes and sports while setting up the field and bleachers. Friday wasn’t too bad considering not many Friday classes go on.( and the snow storm)

CNY parking is pretty large.
Wildcat Field House
Utica, NY

I had explicitly mentioned RIT (Finger Lakes), which has much more parking available than CNY, though during the day there’s no parking at all when classes are in session

Well with this year being during late half of spring break it’s empty.
But during the week it is very crowded between student, staff, MVLIR, and various events that are always going on on campus.
Next year also will have a little bit more crowding as they are building a new dorm near the field house.

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The RPCs have been aware of this and I know a few of the members have had preliminary communications regarding it. I do not envy those teams in navigating these waters right now. While I don’t have any insight on the current state of the situation, I can say that last I heard there was going to be a conscious effort to find a solution by changing dates or venues somewhere. Unknown if an agreement can be reached, but it is known and being addressed.


I mentioned this to my mentor, he told me a contract or something at RPI was ending?

Don’t take my word for it.

I think the more important takeaway here is that the RPC members are aware of the issue and are at least exploring potential solutions far enough in advance.

I believe the RPCs do have our teams best interest in mind, and are aware of the teams that attend 2 regionals and will do what they can for them.


RIT needs to host the 2nd week of break as mentioned above. With 2 sons at RIT
( one being 1405’s driver in 2016); they are well aware of congestion and parking on campus…would never work during classes