Upstate SC Robot Scrimmage

(whats the official name for this thing?)

The Upstate South Carolina FIRST Robotics scrimmage was held this morning, at Greenville Technical College, and hosted by Entech, Team #281.

Big thumbs up to all the teams that brought their creations out. Many great designs out there, I’m looking forward to seeing them in Competition.

Another big thanks to #281 for hosting this event again. It has helped our team out, especially with debugging our robot and making some minor changes that will improve it greatly.

Good luck to all!


Sorry I missed it. I bet it was exciting. Unfortunatley, I think my favorite team “Metal In Motion - Team 343” was unable to make it. The crew is putting on some final touches and just could not make the deadline in time.
Also, with the uncertainty of the weather, I was a little cautious about attending to scout the teams.
Where can I find pictures, etc. from the day?
Yes, thanks to 281 for their hospitality. We always look forward to the “Upstate Palmetto Warm-up.”
Good luck to all teams this year!

Mr. Huggins,

We have several pics we took from throughout the day, I think we can post them on our website and I’ll PM you a link.


We unfortunatly were not able to make it to any scrimages but I was wondering how many balls on average were there on the floor for harvester to pick-up. Thanks.


Thank you, Jay.
I was excited to see that our robot picture was placed on our web page today ( I think the team members who worked Saturday were trying to come up with a solution to it tipping over when climbing the ramp. I noticed on an earlier CD post that robots at the UTC warm-up also had trouble navigating the ramp. Hopefully our crew will come up with a good solution.
I will keep monitoring the Team 845 web page, but if you will send me a quick e-mail, I will be anxious to check them out. I have also navigated through several other statewide web pages but haven’t seen any posting of pictures yet.
Good luck to all teams this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

There really weren’t any real matches played, most of the teams just took the oppurtunity to get onto a full sized playing field and test/debug their machines. If the ball throwers are as talented as ours was at the scrimmage, there should be a lot of balls on the field. :smiley: