Uptown Bill

Wow. Just…wow.

I thought I have seen it all, but aparently last night I saw a commercial that proved me wrong…

DJ, why did you have to disturb me with that :stuck_out_tongue:

is it safe to assume that clicking that link is not work-safe?


It is work safe, but still it isn’t right.

Sad, very sad. But funny. Sad but funny. Funnly sad. Saddly funny. Yeah, whatever. Still wierd DJ, still very wierd…

Only you, DJ… shakes head

I agree, D.J…I agree…This is just plain disturbing and a waste of money…
But…I have to admit it is pretty amusing…

falls off chair laughing Oh man that was so sad…

What’s even more disturbing and sad are the ones who will pay $30 for that! :eek:

DJ, I am so getting a group together to buy that for you for Christmas or something. :yikes:

Dude… just. Dude… shakes head

I would… And then I would buy a saxaphoning(is that a word?) Lisa Simpson doll and put them next to each other.

And how did you come about this site DJ…?

You have TOO much time on your hands overthere man…:smiley: