Urethane Cord Welding Tools - New Products from Practical Parts

Introducing the Urethane Cord Welding Tool and Heat Wand from Practical Parts. Now shipping individually or as discounted kits.

Standard Kit (1 clamp and 1 heat wand)
Pro Kit (2 clamps and 2 heat wands)

Urethane Cord Welding Clamp

  • Capable of joining all shapes of urethane cords (sometimes known as polycord) up to 2 inches in width and 1/2 inch in thickness
  • V grooves for easy alignment
  • Significantly less expensive than other welding tools on the market
  • Enables installation of cord under tension, meaning you don’t have to take your robot apart to install a replacement belt
  • Makes belt welding a 1 person job; other methods may require 2 or more people
  • Reduces the risk of burns
  • Purchase here

Heat Wand

  • Non-stick coating on the tip makes the welding process easier and cleaner
  • Long profile makes it ideal for use on large flat belts
  • Comes with a soldering iron tip that may be used to temporarily convert this tool into a soldering iron
  • Purchase here

Watch our instructional video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgCjfhRqyVE


cool product.should be helpful for the teams who can afford it.

I have never had a problem joining urethane on a hot plate. takes some co-ordination. sure. teams should know that they can weld polyurethane with something they likely already have access to.

link to a helpful video made by one of our mentors regarding the hot plate method.

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We do something similar – but note that it only works for welding polyurethane not under tension. The beauty of the (rather pricey) tool they are selling is it allows you to clamp the pieces to be held while fuse is hardening – which allows you to fuse under tension. At an event when you pop a belt and need to replace one, this can be a lifesaver/huge timesaver.


Looks like a nice product. Perhaps you could go one step further into cost reduction by selling the clamp and the heat wand tip.

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Awesome product! I think we will have to look into this. Any chance you will have them for sale at MMR?

Pricing isn’t bad - not for a tool/setup for this particular purpose.

While there are no plans set in stone yet, we would definitely like to set up a table at MMR. There are definitely friends/customers we would like to see and some new products we will want to demo.

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Yeah, I’d definitely get the tip by itself to use with the dedicated cheap soldering iron we use to do this at the moment.

Seriously…I think folks are not in tune with the typical price of a specialized tool like this…


And the time/material it saves when used properly.

Any plans on a similar tool for flat urethane belting?

McMaster sells a Urethane Belt Welding Kit for ~$800, for reference.

It says on their website capable of all sizes of urethane up to 2" width and 1/2" thick.

As someone who has worked with both of the minds behind this company, I can highly recommend both this product and this company. Both Liam and Adam are hardworking, intelligent future engineers that love FRC more than life itself.

As for the product itself, assuming that polycord makes a comeback in terms of popularity, I think that this tool could cut down a lot of time spent during build season.

Yes that is correct. Both tools in our kit are capable of welding flat belts up to 2" wide and 1/2" thick. Certainly nobody would ever need flat belts that thick, but we wanted teams to be able to weld 1/2" round belts and V belts.

Also flat urethane belting?


Oh I’m blind, my eyes just skipped to where he said 1/2” round. Thanks though

Because you asked, we added the option to buy only the tip at the link below.


We have used this product extensively for prototyping. It has held up to expectations. If you are looking to weld urethane cord, this is worth the money!


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