URGENT: Beantown Blitz logo contest

Hey, you FIRSTaholic artistically-inclined people out there who will be suffering from Robot-Withdrawal this weekend:

The Beantown Blitz needs a logo, and we need one by Wednesday, March 3, 2003. You need a $50 gift certificate to a really cool store (Best Buy or Barnes & Noble), so come help us out!

The Beantown Blitz is a FIRST off-season competition hosted by Northeastern University to be held in Boston, MA on May 22nd. Please only incorporate the words “Beantown Blitz” into the logo, and if you could mix-in an aspect of Boston… that would be cool.

Details and requirements are as follows:

The Logo should:
-No more than three colors + black
-SCALABLE! NOT bitmap (ie. vector/eps/illustrator/etc…)

  • Do not incorporate the FIRST Logo
  • Must contain the words “Beantown Blitz”
  • Not too intricate… we may use it on Biz cards and letterheads, as well as banners, posters, and flyers.
  • Interesting, creative, eye-catching, and distinctive!
  • Submitted as a PDF document for evaluation, final delivery in EPS
    -$50 award (in form of gift certificate) for chosen design
    -Due at noon on March 3

The chosen design will be displayed on all printed materials and banners at The 2004 Beantown Blitz (and most likely, future years as well).

Please spread the word… if an individual works up a design which is chosen she or he will be awarded the $50 gift certificate.

Please submit all entries to [email protected]

Thank you all very much in advance for your investment of time and effort into this project, and good luck!



p.s. you California people always have the best ideas :cool:

can it be hand drawn? and do you not want visible pencil lines? or does it matter?

also, how do you convert to a pdf?

It’s reasons like these that I wish I was 10% as efficient in Illustrator as I am with Photoshop. =

Just a reminder that logo-entries are due wednesday at noon, so send one in!



I’ve been getting some nice entries in, however I would also like to see some logos that don’t revolve around the concept of ‘baked beans’ (for curiosity’s sake). One more day so get crakin!

Thanks so much!

email entries to: [email protected]

Well, this happens to be my first post here. Yay me. I made our teams mascot as well as our logo. I can make you a logo, if there is still time left. I can also make you a banner. Do you want me to animate your banner, if I make you one. If you want to talk to me about if you still want it, email me at ([email protected]). Happy to help. :smiley:

Great, thanks for your help! I just need a static logo that we can put on flyers, posters, and other paper-goods (reference first post for logo criteria). If your logo is chosen, you could help us animate it if we were to put it on a website.

I’ll make some things later tonight.

Do you mind if we submit more than one design for your consideration?

(For the WRRF, I made about 15 :slight_smile: )

I’m sorry for not e-mailing this, Erin, but I’ve got to be at work in just a bit and that whole pesky three hour time difference means it’s almost noon back at home.

If you like it, or would like something else entirely, PM me and I’ll do what I can to help you out. If not, that’s okay, too. I’ll forgive you :slight_smile:



here is mine, http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/pictures.php?action=single&picid=6668

Congratualtions to Eve McGlinn of 125 for the winning submission!

winning logo.JPG

winning logo.JPG

i think it was fixed that someone on your team won lol

Congrats Eve!
Clean, simply, easy to print and only two color.