Urgent cylinder swap needed

[strike]I goofed up and ordered the wrong part from Bimba today, and my students are going to have my head on a pike when they find out. I meant to order a 2" bore 18" stroke, but somehow ended up with 2" x 12" instead. Has anyone not used their free Bimba order yet that would be willing to order a 2" x 18" and swap it for our 2" x 12"? Thanks in advance.[/strike]

EDIT: Got the right part ordered, figured out what’s going on. Keep scrolling to learn more.

I tried to help out Joey, and ordered the 18" cylinder…but the confirmation email said that I ordered a 12" cylinder too!

I guess we can’t get all the cylinders lengths that are listed?

I’m so glad to know it wasn’t my mistake. Armed with the knowledge from Jim’s attempt, I got someone at Bimba to fess up that there’s a glitch in the free parts order form. They’ve been very helpful in getting the right part for us. I don’t know if the form has been fixed yet, but if you still have yet to order your free cylinders, be sure to call Bimba right away if the confirmation e-mail doesn’t match what you asked for.

Thanks for sharing this info!

Joey, I checked our stock and we don’t have one to send. I would order it, but it sounds like the system won’t allow you to order.

Thanks for the update!

I don’t expect that anyone does, since (as far as I know) this is the first year we’re allowed to use stroke lengths greater than 12" but less than 24". That’s why I went into panic mode.

For what it’s worth, I just dug through the source code of the order form, and it looks like right now, if you order a cylinder with a stroke of 12"-19", you’ll get a 12", and 20"-24" will get you a 24". Maybe they never intended to provide the intermediate lengths in the first place, since they’ve never done it before, but then I don’t know why they would list them and then send something else. It’s pretty hard to complain about free things that would otherwise be pretty expensive, but I hope there aren’t any other teams who were designing around that part being available.

At least we’re getting ours. Thanks for your help, Jim and Bimba.