URGENT drive train talons not working, red in code

The Talon SRXs for our drive train are not operating as intended. We program in c++, and in our program, we have included the CANTalon library that is new this year as well as properly initialized all of the talons. For motors that are not part of the drive train, the talons are able to properly reduce motor speed. We have two talons for each side of our drive train. The speed of the motors is supposed to be based on the y-value of our joysticks. We appear to only be able to drive at 100% speed, when the joysticks are pressed to the max. The talons don’t change color until the joysticks are pressed all the way either, indicating that this is a controls/programming issue. In our code, all of the talons and solenoids are underlined red and display the message “must implement the inherited pure virtual method ‘frc::MotorSafety::GetDescription’”.

Please help. We want to drive slowly.

Post your code.

My spidey sense says that you’re converting the joystick values to integers. But post your code.

Cannot believe we missed this. Thank you so, so much

^ Forgot to say - it worked.