Urgent Help Needed! Running Out of Time!

We are having trouble calibrating the speed of our jaguars in labview. We did the calibration steps but it did not set a limit to the speed of the motors. Someone said that they set their PWM values to .99 and -.99. How and where do you set these values? and are they constant values or maximum and minimum values for your jaguar?

Also, is setting maximum and minimum values a hardware problem or a software problem?

In answer to the first question, if you watch the labview videos located at the NI website the one about programming the joystick shows an example of how to set the values…(saw the videos once and haven’t done much with coding since but will get my programmer to verify this)…as to the second question setting the max and min values is a software issue not hardware

Know it’s not much help but maybe it will at least give you a lead…:slight_smile: