urgent help needed

Where can I find a textual description of the Java programming setup
of the FRC project? i.e., an English language description of the physical system
and its association with Java classes and methods. e.g., I encounter
source code referring to (say) joystick and jaguar — how do I know
how the Java class jaguar relates to a physical entity in the robot’s
world (Is a jaguar the java counterpart of the physical arm of the robot
or of a certain motor that drives the robot)?
I am confused – I think I am asking for something like the 10-page
textual description (published by APcentral) of the “Gridworld”
case study in AP Computer sc. I do know where to find the Java source
code of the project and I have read the “Getting started with Java
for FRC” manual from WPI and the “Getting started with the 2012 FRC control system” manual. Also I know how to code in Java.

I need your urgent help, please.
Thank you for any pointers.

The Jaguar objects represent the actual speed controllers on your robot. The speed controllers are connected to the motors that operate your robot. Each Jaguar takes a port number in its constructor that corresponds to the port on the Digital Sidecar the PWM cable is connected to. When you call the set methods on the Jaguar object, it sets the speed of the corresponding speed controller.

Does this help?


Look for the Javadocs. They should be local to your machine, but they are also online.