URGENT : HOW to export .MOV w/ Cinepak/DVNTC???

Please help, i have ffinished the whole animation but one problem…when i export video from premiere 6.5 I can only do .MOV w/ uncompressed or component video…how can i do cinepak or DV/NTSC??? We bought the latest version of quicktime pro but it does NOT help…is there something i’m doing wrong???


give me a minute I will look at somthing

Not totally familiar with Premiere, Its been several yrs since using it last. I would think you should be able to sekect a different codec when you export and Cinepac should be ther my default.


1)Save it as uncompressed Quicktime-
2)load it as a Background image in 3DS Max (I believe that in the Environment Tab of the Render Menu)
3)Render the Scene as is and save it as a Quicktime (again) but Max should definately give you the Output options that Autodesk asked for.

(Basically you use Max to recompress the footage- this is a great way if you dont have other software)

If you have Adobe AfterEffects- this could be used as well.

If you still cant do it- Reinstall Quicktime form MAX Disk


There are 2 ways to do this

In quicktime pro open up the uncompressed movie.
Go to file->export->select movie to dv stream->options->(choose NTSC)->and save

Go to file->export->select movie to quicktime->options->select all 3 checkmarks->seetings(video) click cinpeak, 30fps->ok->save

Thank you…it turns out i had 6.1 which couldn’t export…