Of course this happens on bag and tag, but we were doing the BOM for our intake mechanism and cane across a motor that we didn’t have any specific info on. We looked it up with the part number and it came up as a Mabushi motor, which we checked is not allowed (PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong). However one of our most knowledgeable mentors believed it was sold by Andymark and was therefore most likely legal. Please give any knowledge you have as to what motor it is and if it’s legal. Also, in the picture, it is attached to a banebots gearbox

It is a rs 775 it is a legal motor. If you go to the banbot web site you should find it there.

The legal Banebots RS775 motor numbers for 2015 are (from R18)

M7-RS775-18 / RS775PH-6221

Looks like you have the wrong motor, probably from a past year KOP. The rules about motors are different than most other rules about parts…you cannot use past KOP motors, unless they are on the list of allowed motors for 2015.

Suggest you see about buying a new 2015 motor, and install it when you get to the competition.

If it is a Banebots Motor, make sure the part number matches with those listed under R18 in section 4.7 of the Robot Manual.

I though so too, but the part number RS775WC-8514 is not listed under R18 and I can not find that part number on the BaneBots or AndyMark website.

Looking back to 2013, it was added in a team update.

Sounds like it might be a good question for the Q&A.

It’s dedinitely an RS775, the question is, is it a BaneBots RS775? The stamp on the side doesn’t match the model number in the rules precisely, which makes me suspect it’s from a different company. I’ll have to check the 775s in my build space tonight to see what stamping is on them… The BaneBots website isn’t pulling up a picture of the motor for me right now.

Worst case, order a 775 from BaneBots and take 15 minutes when you get to your first event to swap it out.

I think the point made about it being a past KOP motor may be correct- we haven’t fount it on the banebots site and we found the exact part number under Mabushi which unfortunately is an illegal motor. If this is indeed true we will try to swap it out for another motor in our inventory, and then if we dont have a compatible motor we’ll order the right one. Please keep responding though if you find any more specific info on whether it is DEFINITELY legal or not

Hmmm…doing a little bit more research, it might be that the motor you have is actually the BaneBots M7-RS775-18. Or it might be the M5-RS775-18

Look a the pictures of these motors.


This is going to be a fun year for inspectors.

This is a little nitpicky but the motors in that pic have rounded fan vents, and ours are more rectangular. Also EDIT from earlier-- it WAS NOT a KOP motor- we ordered it in the mail

Hey, so I am one of the members of devg29 team and I’m the one with the issues with the motor. This motor is most definitely a Mabushi, but i don’t know what i should use in its place. Any suggestions?

My guess is that it’s not allowed this year. The motor that is listed in the 2015 list of allowable motors is


so maybe it would be wise to order one, as well as the appropriate pinion gear

(it’s possible that the motor you have is the right one, but does not have the appropriate BaneBots label, and since BaneBots does not list the actual motor part number, it’s hard to verify)

Would an AndyMark motor work just as well as the Mabushi, better, or worse? We might just switch it out to be safe but we want to be sure that it is still going to preform the job we want it to.

Oh we have a compatible banebots motor! We’re saved! And it’s the right number too

Now take a look at the rest of your robot using the inspection checklist as a guide and do a “Self Inspection” to try and catch other issues BEFORE you bag!


Thank you so much for your help. You’re information helped us greatly since we found out that the motor we were originally using was a BaneBots motor. Thanks. :slight_smile:

For anyone going through the same or similar wringer, please note that a replacement motor you bring to the competition will bet COTS and therefore not part of your holdback allowance. Or so it seems to me.

It looks like the 2013 team update and subsequently the 2015 manual have the part numbers swapped for the M7-RS-775-18 vs M7-RS-775-12. I just posted Q409:

“R18 allows BaneBots motor “M7-RS775-18/RS775PH-6221.” Motors received from Banebots with an M7-RS775-18 sticker have RS775WC-8514 printed on the case, and the M7-RS775-12 motor pictured on BaneBots’ website has RS775PH-6221 printed on the case. Was FIRST’s intent to allow both the M7-RS775-18 and -12 motors? If so, please update R18 to include the correct part numbers for each, as not all Banebots motors ship with stickers. If not, please clarify which motor is allowed per R18.”

And here is the spec sheet from the manufacturer.

It’s definitely from banebots. We have the same motor from banebots.

Curious issue here.

The Q&A was answered:

“Thank you for pointing out this discrepancy! While the original intent was to only allow the M7-RS775-18 part number for the 2015 season, due to this issue Team Update 2015-02-20 revises Table 4-1 in R18 to include both the M7-RS775-18/RS775WC-8514 and the M7-RS775-12/RS775PH-6221 as legal motors.”

devg29, your pictured motor (a Banebots M7-RS775-18/RS775WC-8514) is officially legal!