Urgent Request from SCRRF

To all teams in the Southern California area.

As you know the Fall Classic is 10 days away. We currently have six teams that have registered and paid. There are a few other teams that have said they will help with various aspects of the event. If we do not have at least 12 teams that have confirmed they will attend by Monday October 2, we will cancel the event.

The following teams have paid:

The following teams have volunteered to support the event

We have phone numbers for all of these teams. We do not have a phone number for most of the other teams in the Southern California area. We would like to contact each team. Due to the short timeframe we will have to do so by phone. If you have a phone number for the main contact for a team in Southern California, could you please send it to me in a PM? It will not be distributed to any telemarketers or other undesireables.

Thanks for your help


if you get 968, and any other team with a practice robot, to come why don’t you see if they can use both robots?

WHen we had problems getting teams for the Rah Cha Cha RUckus we asked nearby teams to donate their robot for creating faux teams (Thank you again 378!) using students who aren’t on the their team’s dricve team and want to drive. It’s better than nothing.

I like this idea!

hey, not so fast…

one rule on this. 968 can’t ally with 968… well, i guess you guys can… but it wouldn’t be fair :(. Just imagine both of them taking turns on the ramp…

Dang… spoiling all the fun! Our practice robot is, uhhh, well… not that good. Would it still matter? :smiley:

Not if you play smart defense.
Front of the ramp traffic jams tend to screw up ramper campers.

Good thing 968 isn’t a ramp camper :wink:

The best you can hope for is to make it a little harder on them…

One thing 968 is however, amazing. Simply put…haha.

But to get back on task, get any vet team to donate a bot for the weekend. Weve done it with BE for numerous years, and it always works. Plus you can get some new teams into it.

Glad this thread is getting some traffic, but the point is that if we do not have enough teams attending the event, it will not happen.

Once again, please send ChrisH a PM if you have contact information for a So. Cal. Team (see beginning of thread). We hope to have a great event!

Mr. Van
Coach, RoboDox
Hosts of SCRRF Fall Classic

I don’t know if this have been considered, I am sure it has, but I want to bring it up anyway. Have you gone to the FIRST website and found all the teams who attended the Southern California Regional? If they do not have a team website, have you looked at their school website and call their numbers to find out how to contact their FIRST team? How about looking at that list of teams and PM/e-mail members of this forum from those teams?

Contacting team is a very difficult task. It tooks us a while to contact all the Northern California teams about Cal Games. It took so much work that we have a registration group just for it. And thanks to Phyllis Schmit of team 1351 and her daughter Stephanie, we were able to contact a lot of teams because of #1 old contacts from previous Cal Games, WRRF workshops and other previous WRRF contacts, #2 through the FIRST website and contacting schools about this, #3 asking every team we are able to contact to pass on contact info for other teams they know, and #4 having students contact other students because they tend to get connected through Chief Delphi and AIM during competitions.

Posting on Chief Delphi is not nearly enough to get all the attention you need.

We struggled for a long time for this because of unreliable contacts and people neglecting their e-mails. Took us almost 3-4 months to rebuilt our contact list, and even then it’s not perfect (We are missing most of the rookie teams). It’s a lot of work, and I honestly don’t know how much you can do with a little more than a week away.

Good luck with this, I hope it works out for you guys.

[quote=Ken LeungHave you gone to the FIRST website and found all the teams who attended the Southern California Regional? If they do not have a team website, have you looked at their school website and call their numbers to find out how to contact their FIRST team? How about looking at that list of teams and PM/e-mail members of this forum from those teams?

4 Lake Balboa
22 Chatsworth
362 Los Angeles
580 North Hollywood
589 La Crescenta
597 Los Angeles
606 Los Angeles
634 Van Nuys
687 Carson
696 La Crescenta
702 Culver city
812 San Diego
848 Torrance
867 Arcadia
974 Los Angeles
980 Socal
981 Lebec
995 Alhambra
1047 Irvine
1070 Woodland hills
1110 Palmdale
1148 Studio City
1160 San Marino
1197 Torrance
1266 San Diego
1438 Anaheim
1452 Los Angeles
1515 Beverly hills
1622 Poway
1644 Los Angeles
1661 Sherman Oaks
1682 Riverside
1692 Los Angeles
1702 Inglewood
1717 Goleta
1722 la Canada
1759 El Segundo
1836 Los Angeles
1851 Sun valley
1855 Reseda
1925 West Hills
1972 El Centro

now, I have no idea how far away some of these are, I just put all the California teams from the socal regional … but a lot are pretty close to the south bay. PM me if you want to try to split up contacting them, I’ll help if you need me to.


One thing we learned the hard way when you are doing an off-season event it is very different from a regular season event and teams that are even from that area may not participate for whatever reason. So you can’t really count on the team list from a regional and assume those teams will sign up for your off season event. There are just teams that don’t do the off season.

I can tell you right now a lot of So Cal teams are just starting back up or inoperable, which would account for why we can’t get as many teams as we would wish.

When did you guys start planning the event?

Not to be too picky, but we were at So CA too! (Oh how quickly we forget…). And yes, we will be participating in the Fall Classic and are hoping to bring some “help”.

Looking forward to a fun time!

  • Team 968 -

I think his list is only of the teams not already mentioned in the first post…

Sorry to burst your bubble, Bob.

The check’s in the mail, right? :wink:

Guess I screwed up again. Well, Travis…you always have been the brains of this outfit.

we have tried a lot to get contacts to teams. So far, a lot of teams havent responded, dont have a working contact on websites or on FIRST, and dont check the SCRRF newsletters that are sent to each team (as well as many team mebers). I personally probably spent a good 20 hours in the past month and a half trying to find contacts to teams in SoCal with little to no sucess. Nancy cant give me the contact stuff as its againt FIRST to give out other teams personal information without their consent. Trust me, 599 has tried good and hard to get people to notice there is an event. Its also hard since on the West Coast, this forum is not as popular as it is on the East Coast. oh well, SCRRF also has a tendency to sign up late. Well, these next 6 days are crunch times to sign up for Fall Classic. What is ironic is that this, acording to a meeting with Tarek and Chris, is the most organized Fall Classic yet, as we have been planning this event for a while and got a lot of prep done for this day. oh well.

oh, to answer how long we have been planning. umm. Chris talked to me about it over the summer. I took on planning the event with a team mate of mine about early august. Registration has been open for about a month. If you look at the Fall Classic thread on this forum section, it should show you this sort of stuff. We have been planning for a while.