Hi teams! Do you have another roboRIO?, We would buy it. We have a problem with our RoboRIO :frowning: and we need it!

Robota FRC Team 5814

I think you’ll find buying one from NI or AndyMark will be much faster than any team shipping it to you, as well as most teams well off enough to have several roboRIOs to probably be building a secondary bot. We might be able to help if you describe the issue, though.

I don’t know how quickly you need it, but you can order one from andymark or a local distributer.

We don’t have an extra, but AndyMark has them listed as being in stock right now. It is part am-3000. That would probably be the quickest.

Have you called NI tech support about your broken roboRIO?

I definitely recommend this. We had our roborio die in 2015 and while we had a spare for the meantime, they were able to get it replaced pretty quickly.

What is the issue with your roboRIO?

If you do end up needing to order one we ordered one from andymark last night and its supposed to be here tomorrow

Please contact NI when you have any issues with roboRIO. Most instances can be resolved over the phone, and if there is a hardware issue we will work with AndyMark to immediately ship you a replacement from our spare pool.

Huge +1. Our RoboRio’s 5v rail shorted out at champs and the NI CSAs told us to give NI a call. One 10 minute phone call with an NI engineer and they immediately shipped one out and replaced it for free. It’s clear NI really cares about FRC teams.