URGENT storyboard criteria

All it says on the submittal process guidelines for the ‘storyboard’ that needs to be mailed in is (no size or length requirements) and (must be labeled with team number, team name, school(s) name and sponsor(s) name. I was wondering if there was any specific required program/method to document the storyboard. Can the storyboard be created by any method(hand drawn/written and scanned in to the computer and sent over a document like Word or Photoshop(or perhaps just built out of scratch from a desireable program)) or does the animation need to be laid out using some specific program(like a timeline you might find in animation programs)?

Unfortunatly everything you mentioned is the only requirements for the storry board.

Basically it’s not judged, you just have to have one. I make rectangles on word. We printed our rectangles on MS Word and drew our scenes on it.

Remember, you CAN upload your storyboards to streamline w/ the final animation. :]

I went back to my finished scene with the storyboard and applied toon materials too my scene :slight_smile:

I just expressed mailed out the storyboards today ($17 :ahh: ). Put our titleboard on the cover of the folder. Hopefully that will be sufficent.

I modified the storyboard template from this link:

It’s in Word format and just uses separate frames for pictures and text,
so you can resize them to fit your needs.
You can scan drawings or whatever, save them as something
small like a jpeg and use “insert file” in Word to bring them in.


I went back to my finished scene with the storyboard and applied toon materials too my scene :slight_smile:

That is freakin hillarrious…good job! :smiley: because it’s like an anti story board…you do the animation to make the story board…its soooo funny…laughing…maybe i need more sleep

Yeah, you’re supposed to do the storyboard before you do the animation… but we never do lol. We may draw a few ideas down but as for a storyboard, we just make rough sketches of what our scene looks like. :]

Well, I did an original storyboard, but I’m no artist by hand. I’d changed the flow of things and where some events took place enough that it warranted a new storyboard, and considering that you are judged partially by how well you follow your storyboard… Well, can’t get it to follow better than the actual scene :smiley: