URGENT Team 4099 Needs Hex Bore Steel Gear in Maryland


Our climber gear just broke and we have competition this weekend at Owings Mills. If any team coming to the event or in the area has 2-4 18T 20DP 1/2" Hex Bore Steel Gears, please let us know. We are willing to drive (probably up to 2 hours out) to get the gears from you.

Thank you so much!


I hate to suggest this, but you could always order from VEX and call them to see if they can do next day FedEX / UPS Red. It’s going to cost you a pretty penny but you’d have your gears by tomorrow morning.


Yeah, that’s our backup plan currently. Wanted to check if we had a cheaper option available before committing to that, though.


686 will check as we pack for load-in this afternoon, and will bring to Owings Mills if we find some.


4638 has all their stuff packed but we will check inventory today at competition.