US Digital E4T-360-250 Encoder. Slipping?

Alright, so my team is using the US Digital E4T-360-250 encoders from AndyMark and our encoder keeps slipping and this forces us to replace it. We are using the Encoder, centering tool, spacer tool, and cable kit. And we followed these instructions
Anyone have any ideas about what could be happening?

That encoder sucks. It just does, dont use it. We use USDigital S4T’s instead of E4T’s, they are much better and have never failed us.

When we spent dozens of hours wondering why nothing worked all 2017 season we realized it was the dumb encoders, not our code. So when we bought our Evo shifters this year for our 2 robots, first thing we did was take off the E4T’s and replace them, only downside is the S4T is male and E4T is female so it requires some modding, not too bad though.

I do think the E4T sucks for FRC applications and untrained users… but I’m pretty found of it for industry applications as it is incredibly low cost when integrated into the design.

We found that under high impact situations, the S1 series seemed to survive better than the S4T. The S4T has components, integral to the encoder function, built into the outside cover, which was the failure point for us. We also liked the big header type connection of the S1. Only downside we found is they require a little more room.



Use something besides E4T for FRC. We are currently using AMT103-V encoders (cheaper and work better), but there are plenty of other good ones out there as mentioned by the previous people who have responded.

Here is the link to the AMT103-V if you want to give it a shot.
One thing to note for this encoder is that you will have to drill and tap a couple holes in the Toughbox Mini to mount it if you are using the KOP drivetrain, which it appears you did last year from the TBA pic.

+1 for the AMT103’s. After having some trouble with optical encoders (the disks have the propensity to break) last season, my team switched to using the AMT103’s for Houston Champs and we found them to be easy to install, and issue free. We did need to make mounting plate, but this is true for most encoders. Also, they are pretty cheap.

Other popular choices are the SRX Mag and the Grayhill 63R.

Also not a fan of the E4T. We’ve never been successful at removing and reinstalling the encoder disc, and the disc does not seem to be available as a replacement item, so we’ve never been able to reuse them from one season to the next. We switched to the SRX encoder last year on TB-mini and TB-micro gearboxes. It meant buying some new shafts, but that should more than pay for itself this year. The fragile part of the SRX encoder is the plastic box, and CTRE sells this as a replacement item.

AMT-103s are incredibly robust. They work great even when mounted by hand with super glue (although hot glue can delaminate). Of course, mounting them with screws is going to give you a longer-lasting setup.
We use SRX Mag encoders, as they are contactless and therefore mostly immune from user error. They also plug directly into our Talon SRXs.

The AMT103-v encoders can work on toughboxes correct?

Can the AMT103-v work on normal toughboxes

How are you keeping the adapter cap from slipping when using the amt103s? We really liked them but we think the adapter cap began slipping on shaft after extended use. Has anyone else had this experience?

My team hasn’t had any issue with slippage, however I have a few reasonable suggestions:

-Ensure the sleeve/adapter is installed correctly, there’s a final step after putting on the metal top cover where you press on the shaft adapter with tool c until tool c is flush with the metal top cover. If this step is skipped, or any other skip was skipped and/or not done correctly the encoder may not be operating as intended.

-If possible, machine the shaft (or make a new one) so it is slightly (only a few thousands) oversized thus ensuring a tight fit between the sleeve and shaft. You don’t want to do over do it and risk breaking/warping the sleeve however. Maybe someone with more machining experience could recommend a tolerance for a good interference fi between a metal shaft and a plastic sleeve.

-It could be possible to try and afix the sleeve to the shaft using something other than an interference fit. Hot glue may potentially be an option. As a warning: any solution like hot glue could have the potential to prevent the sleeve from fitting into a shaft adapter, or else preventing the encoder from turning smoothly. This solution requires the utmost care as to not over do it.

As reminder: The sleeve is the colored piece (each different size has a different color) that slides directly on to the shaft. The shaft adapter is black and slides directly over the sleeve, and this is the peice that meshes with the metal top cover.