US Digital Encoder and Labview

Does anyone have a simple example of using the US Digital encoder with Labview?

and let me clarify, a simple example that they know works. I understand how to read the Analog Input port, etc. I am wondering about extra processing to get good and usable values from the encoder.

On the bottom right of the LV getting started screen, click “Find FRC Examples”. This should open the NI Example Finder. You can find examples using encoders in the “Digital” folder. I’ve attached the Encoder Example example in case you can’t find it otherwise.

I highly recommend using the example finder when learning about new things - it’s a nice way to see the usage of WPIlib’s features, as well as many native LV ones. Browse through it when you get some free time - there’s some real cool stuff. (25.3 KB) (25.3 KB)

And also, here’s a screenshot from our team code that uses one of those encoders. This code will calculate rate (it was our workaround for this bug, in case you’re wondering).



thanks everyone, i looked thoroughly at all the encoder examples, but they all bring the encode input thru the Digital Input, not the Analog In. I thought the US Digital encoder requires input thru the AI.

btw I think the FRC Labview examples are great and every well done.

Can you bring that encoder in thru the Digital Inputs. If you can, I’m home free

US Digital makes many encoders. If you are referring to the US Digital E4P encoder that comes in the kit, it is a digital interface. US Digital also makes encoders with an analog interface, so you need to specify that part number.

thanks that solves my confusion, you made my life a lot easier