US FIRST, Celebrities Second...

Posted by Robby at 1/21/2001 4:22 AM EST

Other on team #108, The SigmaC@Ts, from AIFL and Motorola.

Pardon the horrific pun, but hey, it catches attention. This is an idea that I’ve had for a few years now but never got around to mentioning it. Someone may already have but my brain may have been to flatulent to notice.

Something Woody mentioned at the kickoff was how we worship celebrities. How we do practically whatever they tell us to because “they’re famous”. Well, what if we got them on our side. What if instead of or in addition to prmoting Jeans and Movies, they started promoting FIRST in every interview. How fast would FIRST levels jump?

So here’s the plan. Every team or even team member should pick a celebrity, no matter how big or small, and find a way to reach them. The invite them to an event. Tell them about FIRST. Send them team promo items and say “Come and check it out”. Invite them to nationals addiing that “its by disney so vacation and stop by the comp while you’re there”.

One thing I live by is that you never know the answer until you ask. My celebrity is Jim Carrey. Who is yours?

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Posted by Robby at 1/22/2001 1:27 AM EST

Other on team #108, The SigmaC@Ts, from AIFL and Motorola.

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Posted by Robby on 1/21/2001 4:22 AM EST:

I know no one has read or responded to my post above. At least read it and make your own conclusion. I have a link to a site with tons of celebrity addys.

-Robby O