US FIRST Golf Balls

I was up golfing up at our family cabin, and I always see golf balls with school and company logos on them, and was thinking that it would be cool to have golf balls with the US FIRST logo. Has anyone ever tried this before? and how would someone go about doing this if not?

A quick Google search yields tons of results. Top one. About a $4 premium per dozen, it looks like.

I don’t know how well those would sell, but I’d for sure buy and use them. It would also be a really cool gift for sponsors. Interesting idea.

To be honest, I thought this was a thread about an accidental release of the 2014 game piece…

So did I!

I actually collect golf balls with company logos on them. It would be awesome to have a FIRST one!

^Same :smiley:

I built this junky looking shelf when I was 8. It was the FIRST thing I ever built!

No power tools. No screws. All glue!

Anyways, I can see a FIRST one right next to those 2 ABB ones on the bottom rack!

Wait a minute… What if teams made golf balls to give away at competitions! I do believe we have stumbled across the next button!

B-but… You can’t wear a team’s (golf) balls! D: Part of the appeal of collecting buttons is constantly progressing toward the ultimate goal of being that one person at competition with a full suit of button-armor!

However, I have no complaints if teams gave out golf balls in addition to buttons. In 2012, we gave out buttons, toast-shaped necklaces and stickers. This year we had buttons, mini toasters, stickers and coloring books.

My puppy certainly thanks the many teams that handed out frisbees this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

And how do you know it isn’t/wasn’t? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty much every major golf equipment company sells personalized golf balls. You may very well have to get permission to have it done, but it would be fairly trivial to order balls from Titleist or Bridgestone or Callaway, or even just cheap off-brand balls. To get them done direct from the company is probably situational and may require a bulk purchase but it’s entirely possible to have done. Another example:

EDIT: It’s worth noting, though, that golf balls are almost certainly far more expensive (per unit) than most giveaway items. They might be good for a fundraiser with your team’s logos, but probably wouldn’t be particularly ideal for competition swag.

I had checked out the website you gave earlier and it requires you to purchase at least 12 dozen.

Edit: They would also be good gifts, especially if your team’s location is also a big golfing area.

I not only thought the same, I was HOPING it was so!