US Open: Great success!

Just came back from US Open in Dayton.

What a great event. Compared to worlds it was more focussed, 100% age appropriate, and a great learning experience. The folks at Wright Patterson did a superb job.

With FLL getting maxed out at Worlds, I think the US Open concept is a great one! I also like that it will move each year.

Congratulations to Landroids and Cougars!!!

Tell me more about the US Open structure please. I am looking at hosting a FLL qualifier next fall here in San Antonio that will send teams to the Central Texas Championship tournament. Is this truly an ‘open’ event and any team can register or must they advance from a championship tournament?



Hmmmm. I don’t know enough about Amercan sports to know why it’s called the US Open… but it’s not at all “open” :slight_smile:

Each regional championship event was invited to send it’s top “champion” to the US Open in Dayton. If an event was ALSO invited to send it’s top Champion to the World competition in Atlanta, then that event may have sent one team to Atlanta, and one to Dayton.

So, you can only “advance” to the US Open.

It was run a lot like “Worlds” with a 3 day format that included 2 days of competition (including an alliance match).