USA Science and Engineering Festival - 2010

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USA Science and Engineering Festival
Festival Dates: Oct. 10-24, 2010
Expo on the National Mall in Washington DC: Oct. 23 & 24, 2010

I am posting this now because the Festival is accepting proposals from students to bring an exhibit to the Expo on the Mall and giving $250 grants to help. Due Jan. 31, 2010.

Read about the Festival, the Expo, the satellite events, the jingle contest, the 150+ exhibitors to-date here:

So, is this where all the FIRST teams are supposed to bring their robots?

Host a Satellite Event

Help us make the USA Science & Engineering Festival a truly national experience by hosting a Satellite Event in your area. Whether you are a student club, school, university, community organization or company, why not put on your own celebration of science the same weekend that thousands of people celebrate science in the National Mall?
Our goal is to have hundreds of Satellite Events throughout the country, anchored to the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo on the Mall on October 23 and 24, 2010. You can make it as small or as big as you want. It can be a single activity put on by your student club, a small celebration at your school or company, a larger event that involves organizations from your community, or a full fletched Festival modeled after the USA Science & Engineering Festival.

You create it, and we help you market it by including your information on our website and in our newsletters. That way, anyone in the nation can check our website to see what’s happening in their backyard the weekend of the USA Science & Engineering Festival. It’s a great way to get your community excited about science, and to put your organization on the national map.

Linking Festivals across the Nation

Then join the fun by having your event attendees participate in a nationwide activity to take place at all locations at the same time. While we are exploring several options in terms of what this activity might be, we do welcome your ideas! It will have to be something science-related that is easily replicated in many locations - similar to initiatives like “Earth Hour”, where households across the globe were asked to switch off their lights at the same time. Ideally, it would be an activity that allows us to collect digital data from across the country which could be displayed on a huge digital map in real time. This could involve texting, a wordle (, twitter or other tools. Or it could be something completely different. We welcome your ideas! Please send them to Ruth Kiefer at rkiefer at

Why host a Satellite Event in your community?
• It’s fun to organize!
• Get people in your community excited about science and engineering!
• Be part of the biggest celebration of science & engineering in the World!
• Get media coverage in your community by linking your activity to the USA Science & Engineering Festival.
• Increase awareness of your organization by having your event listed on the USA Science & Engineering Festival website.

Three easy steps to get going:
Review the “Recipe for a Satellite Event” below to give you some ideas
Fill out the form below to let us know that you are interested in organizing a Satellite Event in your community
Once you have figured out the date, time, location and what you will be doing, fill out our online Satellite Event form to have your information listed on our website (this form will be made available at a later date)

Our promise to you:
• We will list your event information on our website so people can find you
• We will announce the Satellite Events on our homepage and in our newsletters with a link to the listings on our site
• We will keep you up to date on the national community activity and other relevant information to make your event a success
• We will provide USA Science & Engineering Festival graphics for you to download from our website so you can use them in your own marketing materials
• We will provide you with the opportunity to buy USA Science & Engineering Festival T-shirts at a discounted price for use at your event

Your commitment:
• You will organize the Satellite Event in your community
• Your event must be free of charge for attendees
• You will participate in the national USA Science & Engineering Festival activity (details to be determined)
• You will provide a post-event report through an online form we will provide, so we can track how many people participated in the USA Science & Engineering Festival nationwide

Recipe for your Satellite Event
Here are some ideas for you that have worked for us:
• Decide what you want to do
• Your date(s) will be the same as the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo: Oct. 23 & 24, 2010
• Choose a location
• Invite local organizations, schools, colleges and universities, and scientists and engineers to participate by putting on fun, hands-on, interactive science activities for children (we typically provide a 10x10 festival tent to each organization, but depending on your location and the number of exhibitors you might be able to make the space bigger, or not need tents at all)
• Ask each participating organization to provide you with a catchy title and short description of their activity
• Market your event to the local community by:
• asking participating organizations to spread the word to their communities through their e-newsletters and websites asking local school districts and universities and colleges to help you spread the word to their student body
• sending out a press release to local media mentioning that you are part of the Inaugural USA Science & Engineering Festival
• sending out email announcements
• listing your event on local online community calendars
Would you like to host a Satellite Event? Then please fill out the form below to let us know what you are planning to do (even if you don’t know all the details yet.) This will allow us to stay in touch with you with new accouncements pertaining to Satellite Events. Thank you for making the USA Science & Engineering Festival a truly national experience!
We are proud to partner with COPUS to inspire people across the nation to organize Satellite Events.

I have an idea – Everywhere there is a Regional we set up a Satellite event… This would be great publicity for FIRST! A great off-season event also!! hopes this is Dean’s homework

Woot! On this Festival web page (09_SDSF_Recap_Video), you can see guests using the 5th Gear simulation of FIRST’s Overdrive game at the recent 2009 San Diego Science Fair.

Freeze the video at 1:12 to see the 6 student/player’s faces.
Freeze it at 1:13 to see the simulated robots and track balls on a laptop screen.

I looked for other FIRST material in the video but didn’t spot any. Regardless, I think there were (at least) a few San Diego area bots exhibited in that festival.


Dean had made a reference to ‘robots on the Mall’…is this the event he was referring to? I agree we should organize Satellite events. It’s a great opportunity.

That would be a great question for HQ!

Sign up for Rubik’s Cube contest (open to teams from VA/DC/MD-registration closes April 30)
and learn about the Expo on the Mall in DC (field trip!) and all the
Lots of opportunities to be involved in Expo or to host a satellite

K-12 Students: Tell us why Science is Cool!
USA Science & Engineering Festival Kavli Science Video Contest opens April 1.
Have your video screened on the National Mall, win prize money and possibly even a trip to the Expo in Washington D.C.!

Exhibits and performances posted:

There are a few FIRST-related booths, including one for an individual FRC team.
Also a booth for The Dean of Invention:

This is the week.

FIRST can be found at NM-3 Booths 341-357 (numbering makes me smile…) I have no details to give, but know teams have been invited.

Lots of Robotics Education and Competition Foundation representation in the Lockheed Martin Tent #3. (located NM-4, across from Air and Space Museum). There will be numerous playing fields with a specially designed game using VEX robots, cycling students/guests through hands-on driving.

Come by and say hello!

Glad to hear the Teams will be there!

We’re lucky enough to be bringing a subset of our team to run a booth. I don’t know if it’s the one that Jenny is referring to, but I’ve heard we’re going to be in the a tent with the Discovery Channel and DEKA. We’ll have our 2006 robot and possibly our 2010 robot on display. Stop by and say hi if you’re in the area.

Dave, from the map and your description it looks like you will be:
Dean of Invention – Science Channel by Science Channel Section NM-1, Booth Number(s) 103

I will be hanging with the RECF/VEX folks both Sat. and Sun. Seems like there may be some opportunities here for a, ahem, mentor executive board meeting, one of the evenings.

Too bad you can’t overlap with the Sanity Rally…THAT would be an interesting mentor meeting!

Team 341 will be there, along with our 2010 robot!

In addition to the NM-4 tent Jenny mentioned (more or less across the street from the Air & Space Museum) where Jenny and I will be introducing a few thousand of our new best friends to the RECF/VRC; up at the foot of the Capital building steps, in the NM-1 area, Lockheed Martin and FIRST are filling a tent with a 5th Gear set-up and a 20’ x 30’ mini-field where guests will able to drive some Breakaway bots.

That’s where you will find Jared and reps/robots from 5? other FRC teams.

Both of these exhibits are in big 30 x 80’ tents - It will be hard to miss them.

See you there!


Team 241 is hosting the ONLY satellite event for the USA Science and Engineering Festival 2010 in New England. It is free and you should all check it out.

Maybe we’ll be able to see your display. The DEKA tent is not far from the Capitol. Looking forward to a great event.

Al - That will be a delight - I probably won’t get to see any of the Expo beyond “my” tent’s walls. :frowning:

SolidWorks will be there too in booth (tent) 1365. Stop by and say hi. Engineers at play. Marie