Usage of van door motor

Our team is thinking of adding the van door motor to our bot, and we’re wondering: What is the process of attaching a shaft to this motor? What parts are required?

Thanks for any help.

I have a ghetto version and less ghetto version

Ghetto Version:
Got a 1/2" brass propane pipe coupler at hardware store, drilled this out to 7/16" i.d. Got a 1/2" bore sprocket from mcmastercar, wedged this sprocket onto the coupler. Then wedged the whole thing onto the shaft with a vice. It fits so tight it doesn’t need keying or set screwing!

Less Ghetto Version:
Got a 3/8" bore sprocket from mcmastercar, drill this out to 7/16" to fit on the shaft. Drill a whole for set screw in shaft, tap it, and put a set screw through the sprocket and into the shaft. May need a longer set screw for this (at hardware store). Or you can weld it to the shaft.