USB Camera Exposure after fixing update

After the roboRio update broke our code and disabled our vision, with the help of mentor Scott Jon from Team 2912, we were able get the robot up and running. The video was okay quality in FRC standards, but the image on our USB Cam was very dark.

This is the tutorial for debugging Labview Code if the NI RoboRio update v.14 affected the code:

If I were to change the brightness/ exposure, I don’t think the video would change at all, since the “Vision” was disabled as part of the debugging process.

How can the exposure from the USB Cam be modified, assuming your team had to disable the Vision Processing VI to fix the Cam?

Have you tried modifying those settings using NI MAX (the camera should appear under Remote Devices inside the roboRIO) and checking if they persist for your camera?

As an Update, the USB Cam when initializing shows great Video.
HOWEVER, the video immediately “whites out” when the robot connects to the field.

Why/How would the video “white out” after connecting to the field?

Could requiring these VI’s be avoided by using an AXIS Camera, which sends video directly?

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