USB Camera Performance in Week 1

Hi all,

My team was at a week 0 event that was plagued with the usual technical issues, cameras were screwy across the board. Especially with sandstorm this year and the dire importance on cameras, I wanted to ask how did USB cameras plugged into the Rio work out in week 1 competitions? Any suggestions for setting them up? We just use the boilerplate FRC given code to get them running, but given that we’ve had issues with them in the past, I figured I should ask.

Thanks in advance!

We had a problem so that the camera wouldn’t show up once the connecting to Smartdashboard would show up so we had to restart Driverstation once we got onto the field.

Issues I am aware of:

  • [Labview] there were a few issues with teams who hadn’t updated labview to update 2019.2.0 but imaged their roboRIO which was fixed by updating and redeploying the code (error 7/error 1003 Broken or missing NT Server VI)

  • [Unsure] need to restart dashboard every time you connect to the field (error 66 connection blocked by server)

  • [Labview] teams running an OS different than Windows 10 - English with english region format had trouble with NT Connection VIs (error 7/error 1003 Broken or missing NT Server VI)

  • [C++/Java] Field getting DDoSed by too many cameras not being properly capped at 4mbps (please make sure you do not use more bandwidth than what is allowed per teams if you are not using Labview)

  • [Any] Camera not displaying if it was plugged/unplugged while the roboRIO was turned on

No matter what your problem is with your camera, if NT Server is running on your roboRIO and your camera is properly plugged in, try accessing it through a web browser and it should work if you are using C++/Java. For Labview teams, I’d recommend updating everything properly and test again.

(Camera is located at your roboRio’s address usually on aa port between 1180 to 1190 Address example: 10.XX.XX.2:1181)

Edit: clarified language-specific problems

When talking about camera issues and potential solutions, please note that the LabView and Java/C++ implementations are completely different. Your first 3 bullets are LabView specific, and possibly bullet 5 is as well (the Java/C++ implementation should handle this fine).

The web browser workaround only works for Java/C++; the LabView camera server is only supported by the LabView dashboard and will not work with a web browser or SmartDashboard/Shuffleboard.

For reference, we are using Java

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