USB Camera?

Has anyone figured out how to use a USB camera instead of an axis camera for vision? We’re having trouble finding any examples through LabView that might help us.

UPDATE: From this -

We know that the camera vis have been updated to support USB cameras, but we’re having trouble getting data from ours.

Have you gone through the LV tutorial for vision? It will have you open the 2015 vision example and walk through the several samples. Due to last minute changes, the initial path doesn’t point to the correct folder, oops. If you delete the last two path segments, it will point to the correct location.

The example project has code for both the laptop usage of the USB camera, and notice that it is referred to by an address that is of the form “USB #” where # is the enumerated camera spot. This is how you use multiple USB cameras. You may need to change # to zero or two depending on your laptop. In the roboRIO section of the project, you can open a VI that will do the same processing on the roboRIO using a camera plugged into it.

The vision Processing VI has code to open either an Axis or USB camera by flipping a Boolean constant.

I hope this helps, and if you have a more specific question, please ask.

Greg McKaskle