USB Chicklet Power

How are you going to power up the USB Chicklet in the competition?
Please specify the exact type of battery.


A standard 7.2 volt back up battery is all that is required.

We have only one that we intend to use with the camera…

Any other suggestions?

Buy another 7.2V nicad battery. It’s good to have a few spares anyway.

FIRST says that the chicklet must be powered by “a 7.2V battery similar to the back-up battery.” (see <R83>.) Sorry to burst your bubble, Smoking_Gun. It is possible to run it off the same power from the AC adapter (that goes to the OI’s 2.5mm DC jack), but we haven’t done any long-term tests. Does anyone know if the voltages match up? Any possible damage to the chicklet if we do this post-season?

I’m not electronics, but our team managed to wire the power on the OI well this year. We have a three-way switch. Middle is no power, right is power for OI and chicklets through a backup battery, and left is wall power for the OI and chicklets. Though we’ll be using the backup battery for the actual competition, at other times we can plug one plug into the wall and have everything work.