USB Splitter/Hub legality?

We were just wondering if it was ok to use a usb Hub to created extra ports on our roborio. we only need one more port so would it be ok to use a usb splitter to give us one more port. we have two usb cameras but we want to have a navx on usb as well since the kMXP port is weird when voltage drops below a certain level. But pretty much, is it legal to use a usb spliter on the roborio to make more ports? Also, can you state where this allowed in the game manual by any chance.

Before I answer your question:
How much of the Robot section of the Game Manual have you read? Bear in mind that most of the Manual is “if it isn’t prohibited it’s permitted”. Can you tell me where such a device would be prohibited?

The USB hub would be considered a CUSTOM CIRCUIT and be subject to any rules regarding CUSTOM CIRCUITS. You may also be interested in reading R40 very carefully. (Yes, I know it’s about battery packs. Just trust me on this–read the last line before the list starts.)

We have read all of the Robot section of the Game Manual. We have not found anything that would prohibit the USB hub from being used. We also read the R40 rule, however we do not know why that statement relates to the topic. Could you please explain?

USB hubs connected the RoboRIO in most cases are legal, you are most likely fine.

We have a USB hub attached to our RoboRIO this year as well.

R40. COTS USB battery packs with a capacity of 100Wh or less (20000mAh at 5V) and 2.5 Amp max output per port, or batteries integral to and part of a COTS computing device or self-contained camera (e.g. laptop batteries, GoPro style camera, etc.) may be used to power COTS computing devices and any peripheral COTS input or output devices connected to the COTS computing device provided they are:

That line about “peripheral COTS input or output devices”–USB hubs are, in point of fact, peripheral COTS input/output devices. To me, that line is indicating, in a rather roundabout way, that USB hubs are definitely legal.

So not only are they legal, they are eligible to be powered by an auxiliary battery pack (or the RIO, or other legal power source).

And the fact that you did not find anything prohibiting the USB hub from being used means that it is most likely legal. (The rest of that would be if there was a specific rule you violated with it. But I don’t expect that will happen.)

Alright, we can understand the legality of the USB hub, thank you people for your help. Good luck in your competitions.

Be careful when purchasing your USB hub. We cheaped out and bought the least expensive one we could find on Amazon in 2016, and regretted it when it died in the middle of a match. All of our joysticks were plugged into it. (We had the USB hub on our driver station, not the roborio).

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