USB stuck in roboRIO

As a quarantine project, I’ve decided to build an FRC robot. Started today and it was going great until I went to unplug the roboRIO after loading the firmware and reimaging…

The cable will not come out. I have used as much strength as I’m willing as to not damage the roboRIO.

Has anyone else ever had this issue? Any suggestions as to how to get the cable out? It is 100% plugged in the correct way, it simply won’t come out.

Thank you!


We’ve had the problem before and kept pulling until it came out. We had plugged it in a little too forcefully and bent a pin into the plug, making it really hard to come out.


I wouldn’t recommend a forced removal.
It can destroy the port.

There are little teeth gripping it and they have probably just been bent in a bit too far during regular use.

You can try sliding a very thin piece of plastic down to separate the plug from the cable.
If you do get it out, see if you can press the teeth back more out of the way.

You can also just leave the cord in place for now, coiling it out of the way.
If you plan on using it on a regular basis.

I would normally agree, but this was the first time plugging into the roboRIO, so I can’t even blame it on repeated use.

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll definitely try and see if that works

Here’s a recent thread.

The Bisbee team got a replacement roborio from NI. It works.

As mentioned in the other thread, be careful, see if you can get it replaced, and leave the cable in.

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Our team’s roboRIO has been like that for months, we just made sure to tape or zip-tie it for competitions. It is quiet convenient if you go to a practice field and forget the Ethernet cable.

RoboRIOs are known for doing this. We plugged a short usb cable in ours and leave it permanently. Then we use a longer usb extension cable to connect it to the laptop. An added bonus is that the inline connection separates when tugged.

Careful application of this contact cleaner spray might help with USB removal:

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We had that same problem last year with a new roboRio. Called NI, they already had calls on this issue. They said keep pulling till it comes out. If the USB jack breaks, they would replace it. If it didn’t break, then we could continue using it.

The tab that catches the USB plug which normally points down into the roboRio was pointed up by the time we got it pulled out. We removed that bent tab and have continued using the roboRio.

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Push small zipties down the sides of the port. As many have said, there are locking teeth which do too good of a job locking some cables in. DO NOT just force it out. Once you manage to get the zipties in, the cable will slide right out.