USB to 9-pin serial port (HELP!!)

Just wondering if it was possible to convert the 9-pin to USB with an adapter because most of our computers do not have the 9-pin serial port. Any suggestions and advice would be helpful.


Do you mean USB to serial? Absolutely. Most computer stores sell adapter that are fully compatible. This has been posted here MANY other times.

Don’t buy the $3.99 USB to serial converter that is going on eBay.

It does work … but only for 2-4 minutes before it crashes Windows (even 2000 and XP — you have to fully reboot!)


I bought this adapter, and it works fine. It’s $16.99.

Does it work fine with the Dashboard? My adapter works fine for just downloading code … its high-throughput situations like the dashboard where it fails.

Hmm… I’m not sure - I haven’t used the Dashboard yet this year, and probably won’t get a chance to for a while.

Ya i’ve used a usb to 9 pin last year and it worked great. This year the code gets corrupted and never works right. Instead it locks the RC into prog. mode and the only way to get it out is pressing something like reset then program then wait for the light to blink yaddaaa yaddaa yaddaa… works great for dashboard though.

We’re using a Keyspan USA-19HS, which works fine. Stay away from the Belkin USB-serial adapter - we started out with one and it transferred at about one bit/sec.

hey everyone, thank you so much! my team is only a second year, and last year we didnt do so well (from what i hear) -_-;
Rickersten: i have not been a member of the forums that long and i dont have the time to check that often, most recently because of finals, usually i have other activities as well.

again, i appreciate the help and advice…

I haven’t had any issues with that adapter, and I’m running off of XP too.

There have been several threads on this. Search for “Bafo” I recommend the Bafo Technolgies’ BF-810

I have had good success with it.

Joe J.